One Month Until I Hike the PCT!

2650 Miles. Why?

One Month Until I Hike the PCT!

Hey Everyone! 👋

I'm getting so pumped to hike this thing.  I can barely wait.  I've wanted to do it for so long and it's tantalizingly close.  All that's left to do really is keep my fitness up and then... walk! 😄

I put together a video which details a bit about me, the hike, and why I want to do it.  Most importantly, I'm hoping to raise some money for two causes I care about

  1. Well-being of military members (veterans and active duty)
  2. Wilderness preservation.

This year, 2 officers I served with onboard USS Louisville passed away before their time was due.  They were brilliant submariners, great friends, and both extremely funny.  We were bunkmates in Stateroom One at different times, and they really knew how to brighten up a difficult day.  I'm walking for John Grider and Russell Cruz.  A friend from the recruiting world operates a charity called Home for the Holidays which buys plane tickets for sailors who can't afford flights home during the holidays. I like this charity. Not a dime wasted.

I will also be remembering my Aunt Dee and Uncle Don who passed away recently.  I was fortunate to receive Aunt Dee's old trekking poles (REI Juniors!) which should serve me well through the many rugged miles. Uncle Don's memory will inspire my photographs, and hopefully, some gains in the stock market while I'm away so that I don't come home completely broke.  Both of them loved nature so I think some donations to our wilderness areas would get a firm nod approval from the heavens.  I like the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

The video isn't live yet (unlisted), because I wanted to share it here first to let you loyal website followers get first crack at it.

Anyways, if you want to support the endeavour, it's just $5/month and all goes to charity.  You'll also get added to my Instagram Close Friends list, a VIP WhatsApp group, and Premium posts here.  So much Keegan for so little $.

Additionally, you can check out all my favorite gear on my new gear page.  If you buy through there I'll get a crumb of cash to give. 💸

That's it really!  I'm busy soaking up as much trail info as I can, especially the interesting history and flora that I'll pass along the way.  I'm still training, and planning to head down to Big Sur next week then up to Shasta with brother Leary for some true tests of gear and legs.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I was actually working my "1 weekend a month" for the reserves, so I was stuck inside defending freedom and democracy from the comfort of the desk in my bedroom. 🇺🇸

🍻 Keegan