Promise Fulfilled 🎁 💰

Promise Fulfilled 🎁 💰
Tuolumne General Store with feet that don't work but still in the Snak Club with a can of wine.

Hey All!

It's been a while since my last update but I'm happy to be back and say that I donated to two excellent non-profits this holiday weekend with the proceeds from my hike!

It feels very good to send $500 to Stripes to Bars, which provides financial assistance to veterans looking to get a pilot's license (takes our G.I. Bill that much further) and $250 to the Pacific Crest Trail Association, which provides everything to make the PCT even exist.

Thank you everyone for your support.  If you decide to continue supporting me through this site, I will keep donating 100% (and more) of the proceeds to cool non profits like the ones above.

I've been busy trying to figure what's next for me in the working world, but things have cooled off a bit around the holidays.

Web Development - I've am selling my services as a freelance Webflow developer.  I'm really excited about how easy this platforms makes it to build web apps and believe it will grow exponentially in the coming years, so I'm getting in now.  You might see more tech-related content pop up here, though I still plan to be active with adventures as well.

The PCT - I tried to get another permit to hike the PCT starting from Tuolumne where I left last stepped off the trail, but all the permits have been taken already :(.  They are planning to release more on January 11 though so I'll keep my clicking-finger ready for that.  I still notice pain in my feet at times though I think I've mostly recovered.  I have yet to put them through 26-miles-a-day stress, but I'm due for a trip soon so I'm thinking maybe I'll find a cool trail out in Arizona or Utah where I can avoid snow.


Videos from the Sierras are up on my YouTube.  The lightning storms in Tuolumne were a real highlight.


The Navy - Reserves life has kept me busy.  I work with a unit in charge of "non-combatant evacuation" of South Korea should the North decide to launch missiles.  We have a training event in April I will likely go to Korea for 2 weeks for.  I put on my LCDR gold oak leaves in September and will start working on command qualifications soon.

Living - I moved to a new apartment in Lower Pacific Heights of San Francisco with one of my best college buddies, Nick Venturino.  I spend a lot of my time trolling Craigslist for furniture now and recently scored a $50 red couch.  This all came after spending a month in Maui with my brother, Ryan.  He loved it so much he signed a lease on a place in Oahu, which I'm stoked to visit!

Fitness - I joined a Crossfit gym.  Who wants to hear about Crossfit? 😆 I'm still running as my new spot is close to Golden Gate Park which has excellent trails.

Other Things - It's mushroom season and I stumbled across a ton of Chanterelles and Porcinis out with the San Francisco Mycological Society in Pt. Reyes the other day.  These went great with scrambled eggs, and I even made a risotto.

Thank you again for donating to my hike.  It would mean a ton if you continued your support, but if not, I get that too :).  I see a lot of folks sharing plans for next year already so maybe next update I'll go through some of my goals for 2022.  Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.