Pinochio's Pizza

A web app to order pizza I made for Project 3 of Harvard's CS50 Web course.

Pinochio's Pizza is my solution to Project 3 of Harvard's excellent online course CS50 Web (2019).  This was really my first foray into taking a project form start to (publiched) finished and I am quite proud of the result.  It took a solid 2 weeks of coding and I really spent time adding in Javascript functionality to make the prices change dynamically as the user changes selection and I took time to dive into Bootstrap forms to make the UI more aesthetically pleasing.

It's live via free hosting from heroku (another first!) so feel free to play around with it here. (feel free to try username: new_customer and password: 123456 if you don't want to register).

The site has both user and admin accounts such that an admin can go in and mark orders complete or make other changes.  I also implemented a cart feature but it won't actually charge you any money if you decide to checkout with a Large Sicilian with pepperoni and mushrooms.

The menu is modeled after Hardvard Square's Pinochio's Pizza & Subs per the project design requirements.

YouTube Demo

Project requirements

Check out the code on Github!