Sunday Update

Sunday Update

A Difficult Loss

A good friend of mine passed away this weekend.  Hobart Kistler was an amazing friend of mine who died in a car accident on Friday evening.  There's not much information available right now, but some folks have set up a fundraiser online for people to share their memories.  I took Saturday morning to write down some stories that I will share in due time.


I've been keeping at the music and uploaded to videos to my music channel on YouTube this week.  Check them out!  I'm experimenting with a simpler setup - just iPhone and Rode video micro instead of the fancy camera and fancy mic.  I think it sounds pretty good and the workflow is a lot easier.  However, when I compare it to some of my other recordings, I can definitely tell the difference.  It's been great experimenting with different recording equipment.  Every experience improves my learning.


I recently complete a shake out trip to Syke's Hot Springs in Big Sur.  The Pine Ridge Trail, which leads to the springs, just reopened 3 weeks ago after being closed for more than 5 years due to fires.  I'll include some pictures below, and hope to have a video out soon.  The trip featured some epic views, towering redwoods trees, underwhelming hot springs, and hordes of ticks!  Ryan and I are leaving for Mt. Shasta tomorrow so I'll have one final shake down before the PCT, this time with a bit more vert.


I have notes for two books I recently finished and really enjoyed: Bullshit Jobs and Storyworthy.  Once I get a chance to sit down at the computer for a while I'll put recaps here.

Hottest Regards, Keegan

🙏 I've been blown away by everyone's support for the upcoming hike!  As a reminder, any money earned form subscriptions between now and the end of my PCT hike will go directly to active duty sailors and scenic trails preservation.

Thank You For Your Support!

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