Example Letter of Recommendation for a Recruiter Applying to Law School

Example Letter of Recommendation for a Recruiter Applying to Law School

Sharing a letter of recommendation that I wrote for an awesome sailor who is applying to law school.

Dear Sir or Ma’am,

Joe Sailor carries my strongest personal recommendation for admission into your law school program.  I have been his Department Head in Naval Recruiting for nearly two years, during which time he consistently exceeded expectations and was my number one recruiter out of fifteen of his peers.

Joe Sailor is dedicated to mission accomplishment and has the strongest work ethic of any officer that I have ever worked with.  I realized this when one of our officer candidates had a personal emergency the day before the individual was scheduled to fly to Officer Candidate School, the Navy’s indoctrination school for its officers in Newport, RI.  With less than 12 hours notice, Joe Sailor drove 6 hours in the early dawn hours to assist the officer candidate with this emergency and safely deliver him to the airport for his scheduled flight.  Joe Sailor was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal for his efforts.

Joe Sailor has a knack for interpersonal relationships.  His cheerful, curious demeanor combined with his unique background in language and international affairs allows him to easily connect with many communities.  In my two years as his Department Head, he was responsible for acquiring some of our top talent, including executive-level individuals at Disney and Apple.  His ability to attract top talent to the U.S. Naval Officer Corps earned him the Reserve General Officer Recruiter of the Year award in December 2018, 2019, and 2020.

He remains dedicated to helping new recruiters by sharing his wealth of knowledge.  Despite the competitive nature of our line of work, Joe Sailor consistently leads team trainings and shares winning practices with his peer group.  He sits down with each new recruiter in a one-on-one format and spends hours teaching them how to find, process, and mentor our new officer accessions.  It’s obvious that he understands the larger needs of our organization, and serves beyond personal interest.  His passion for recruiting and mentoring cannot be understated.

I know firsthand what it takes to be a successful student. I also know how important it is to admit students who will carry on the reputation of the institution from where they obtain their degree. No university or school can sustain such a prestigious reputation as yours without successful alumni. Joe Sailor is exactly who you want to represent you as a student and graduate. He is simply that special. Waste no time debating on his admission and accept his application immediately.

I have no doubt Joe Sailor will succeed in law school and beyond.  His dedication to mission accomplishment and understanding of relationships will surely make him an unstoppable force in the courtroom. If I can provide any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me at


J. K. Leary

LCDR, Recruiting Operations, USN