Legendary Pasta Sauce: Beef Bolognese

Legendary Pasta Sauce: Beef Bolognese

I love beef bolognese.  This recipe is about to send this blog viral and get me laid by any Italian chick within hollerin' range (HELLO IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?!?!)  It's easy to make even in large portions, and thoroughly delicious.  The ingredient list is inexpensive and often you may have most of them around the house already.  to me, only a proper Carbonara could really dethrone a Bolognese.  But second place ain't so bad, especially when it's this easy.

I like my bolognese sauce homogenous - so the mirepoix (celery + onion + carrot) goes in the food processor in chunks and comes out dripping.  I like it rich and creamy, so I substitute heavy cream where most recipes call for milk.  Honestly, I don't like to measure out ingredients so the wine, cream, broth, and tomato paste are really just estimations.  You can never trust these online recipes anyways.

Ingredient List

 🤤 80/20 (mo' fat mo' bettah) Ground beef - 1 lb.

 🤤 Onion

 🤤 Carrot

 🤤 Celery

 🤤 Garlic

 🤤 Crushed tomatoes - 1 can

 🤤 Tomato paste - 3 tbsp

 🤤 Heavy cream (or milk) - 3/4 cup

 🤤 White wine. Or try red.  I don't care. - 1/2 cup

 🤤 Beef broth - 1 cup (I used veggie broth since it's what I had)

 🤤 Pasta (I prefer rigatoni or penne.  They are essentially sauce pockets)

Here's everything minus the cream:


  1. Roughly chop the mirepoix (onion, carrot, celery) and throw it in the food processor.  Pulse that shit until it bleeds.
  2. Sauté the mirepoix on low to medium heat to sweat it out ~10 min
  3. Crush the garlic.  Fry it a bit by itself in the middle of the pan until it becomes aromatic, then fold it in with everything else.  Season with salt, pepper, and oregano.
  4. Brown the beef.  In the same pan! 2EZ.  You can season the beef too.  Like a boss.
  5. Add the broth and wine.
  6. Reduce heat to low and simmer 45-60 min.
  7. Add the milk.  Stir it up and simmer again another 45 min.
  8. When you can build a meat mountain, the sauce is done.
  9. Make some pasta. Shred some parm.  I think you can figure it out from here.

Pics or it didn't happen: